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ENDED >>Limited-time Lifted! Gear Sale | Order before 1/16

Updated: Jan 16

Thank you for your interest. The sale is over.


Hello Lifted Community members!


We have a limited-time Lifted! t-shirt and beanie sale. Orders must be placed by 5pm on Tuesday, January 16th in order to be included in this print run.

If you'd like to order a shirt or beanie, you can do so at this link: SHOP NOW 

Your purchase supports the cost of the t-shirts the choristers will wear for their performances. If you would like to make an additional donation: CLICK HERE

❤ Thank you for your support ❤

Please note: Choristers will be gifted their t-shirts, so you do NOT need to order a shirt for your chorister, unless you want them to have extra. We are confirming chorister shirt sizes at rehearsals this week. If you do not plan to be at rehearsal this week to confirm chorister t-shirt size, please email Bee to let us know your chorister's size, by January 16th. 

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